Plant Locations / Status:
Plant #1 Mount Prospect We are now open for Hot Mix and Cold Patch
Plant #2 Crystal Lake We are now open for Hot Mix
Plant #3 Carpentersville Closed

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Category: paving

  • Parking Lots - The Basics

    Almost all parking lot pavements are made up of layers. The number of and thickness of these layers, lifts can change depending on a number of factors but the basic design, in general always remains the same. For a look at the basic components of a commenrcial pavement .....

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  • What is Asphalt Pavement?

    Asphalt pavement is made up of stone (aggregate), sand, additives and liquid (petroleum) asphalt. Liquid asphalt – a sticky black substance – is used as the binding material in asphalt pavements. It is viscous in nature and can also be found in semi solid forms. Another common term for asphalt is bitumen.

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