Plant Locations / Status:
Plant #1 Mount Prospect Open
Plant #2 Crystal Lake Open
Plant #3 Carpentersville Closed


Arrow Road is committed to achieving a zero-injury and zero-citation safety culture by implementing proven safety processes and procedures based on, but not limited to, industry standards.

At Arrow Road Construction Company, safety is fundamental to our culture. We believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every project through a combination of technical field procedures and mandatory employee training programs. Every employee has the authority to stop work if unsafe working conditions are encountered. Subcontractors and associates are encouraged to embrace our commitment to health and safety. Our dedication to safety is a benefit to the workers and also to our customers. The operating costs go down and productivity goes up due to less time lost to accidents.

Arrow Road’s safety first initiative starts at the top. Daily site visits by our Company President and superintendents reinforce the need to work safely. Key elements of the program include drug and alcohol pre-employment and post accident testing, training, incentive based safety awards, weekly toolbox safety meetings, and monthly job site inspections performed by an independent safety consultant. Partnering with our workman’s compensation insurance carrier, as well as other sources, is another way we keep safety first.

The greatest benefit, however, is that everyone, from our employees to the traveling public and others, go home to their families safely at the end of each day.