Plant Locations / Status:
Plant #1 Mount Prospect We are open for the 2021 Season. Please call to place an order
Plant #2 Crystal Lake Opening April 26, 2021
Plant #3 Carpentersville Closed

Asphalt Production

While Arrow Road Construction Company’s three (3) asphalt plants supply quality asphalt mix for all of the company’s major highway, roadway, and commercial projects, we also provide freight on board (FOB) sales to local paving companies and other private entities. Our plants run daily producing high quality mixes for our projects and providing a consistent source for mixes to our FOB customers.

Arrow Road Construction Company’s experienced materials technical staff, along with our in house laboratories and our state-of-the-art production facilities, are capable of designing and producing asphalt mixes to meet the toughest specifications. Our asphalt mixes provide our customers the high quality and consistency they need to stay competitive and complete their jobs on time.