Plant Locations / Status:
Plant #1 Mount Prospect Open
Plant #2 Crystal Lake Open
Plant #3 Carpentersville Closed

Cold Milling and Grinding

Arrow Road owns and operates a fleet of milling equipment to suit all milling scopes, from smaller utility-type work to the complete restoration of a parking lot, we have the experience and proper equipment to handle any type of milling project from small areas to roadways.

Asphalt milling is a great alternative to complete asphalt removal, which can be costly and laborious. By grinding the asphalt, you are left with a cleaner surface to which the new asphalt can adhere. Virtually any asphalt surface can be milled - from parking lots to roads. The deciding factor in asphalt milling is the general condition of the existing asphalt. With decades of milling experience, Arrow Road Construction has the specialized equipment and experienced personnel to get the job done right.

We provide appropriate milling for:

  • Road and street pavement preparation prior to resurfacing.
  • Parking lot pavement preparation prior to resurfacing.
  • Full or partial depth patching.
  • Perimeter/transitional milling to tie new asphalt to existing pavement.
  • Reshaping existing surfaces prior to paving to correct drainage problems.

Some of the benefits of cold milling are:

  • Construction can be done at a lower cost than reconstruction
  • Existing curb and gutter reveals are maintained
  • Surface drainage can be improved
  • Bumps, ruts and other surface irregularities are eliminated
  • Under most circumstances, traffic flow is maintained and able to immediately travel on the milled surface
  • Milled asphalt is 100% recyclable